1. A grade – second-hand clothes, which have no defects, are fully functional and fashionable. Quality control for these goods is done second time and they are distributed to 70 different names.

2. B grade – second-hand clothes, which are fully functional, with possible small defects and fashionable.
3. C grade – second-hand clothes, which may have more defects but are reasonably priced.We
We guarantee professional staff and high consistent quality of second hand goods.


In order to ensure the high quality of our service, we can host the employee of a company for which the containers are prepared, and let them control the process of preparing the container.
We prepare goods for West and East Africa, Central Africa, Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

West Africa - 55kg bales, 450 pcs per 40FHQ container. There are 70 different names of clothes.

East Africa - 45-50kg bales, 620 pcs bales per 40FHQ container, 120 different names of clothes.

Pakistan- 450kg bales,60-64pcs bales per 40FHQ container, 5-20 different names of clothes.

We also have shoes, belts and handbags in 25kg-100kg bags.

Our shipping company agent has a lot of expierence in shipping and dealing with it's processes. All formalities will be done.
Feel free to visit our company and see our production, sorting process. Please, however, make an appointment - we do not want you to stand in front of closed doors!